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Gas Extraction

You’ll find a wealth of knowledge in gas extraction among the Crown Technologies team.

Our combined experience of the gas drainage process, instrumentation and hazardous areas means we’re able to design a site-specific integrated gas extraction package to suit your conditions and budget.

We’re qualified and experienced to help you:

  • Design, manufacture, install, commission and maintain a range of gas extraction and condition monitoring equipment including Goaf, UIS, SIS, Blower and Ejector Skids.
  • Design, manufacture, install, commission remote gas condition and quality monitoring skids to monitor and control process pressure, temperature, flows and gas composition
  • Maintain and commission existing gas extraction systems.
  • Audit existing gas drainage equipment to current standards for compliance.
  • Overhaul gas drainage equipment to your specifications and requirements.

You get the peace of mind of knowing you have everything you need at the right price and the certainty that everything will work together seamlessly.

Blower Skid
SIS Skid
Temporary Gas Plant Installation
Remote Flow Monitoring
Gas Drainage Plant

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