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Gas Monitoring

Our team at Crown Technologies has broad expertise in gas analysis and monitoring services and products.

Get the benefit of our first- hand gas conditioning and quality measurement experience. We can:

  • Design, manufacture, install, commission and maintain a range of gas analysis and monitoring systems. From ambient sensor panels to fully integrated remote monitoring skids.
  • Audit existing gas analysis and monitoring equipment to current standards for compliance and performance.
  • Gas analysis and monitoring equipment to your specifications and requirements
  • Design, manufacture, install & commission remote gas condition & quality monitoring skids to monitor & control process pressure’s, temperature, flows & gas composition.
  • Design gas conditioning circuits to deliver a representative & reliable gas sample to your analyser.

Our depth and breadth of experience at Crown Technologies means we’re able to design a site-specific gas analysis and monitoring package to suit your needs, conditions and promote the long-term operation of your assets.

You get the peace of mind of knowing you have everything you need at the right price with confidence that everything will work together seamlessly.

3 Stream Analyser Hut
Goaf Skid
U/G Remote Sampling Panel
Trolex Trailer
2 Stream Analyser Hut

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